Deposit Procedure - 24 Hours

Please contact our LIVE SUPPORT to get LOCAL BANK TRANSFER DETAILS Funds may be deposited into your betting account using the following methods:

- Debit Cards

- Local Bank Transfer

- Online Bank Transfer

Simply visit your bank and request for a transfer of funds to our specified banking accounts. Funds will be deposited into your account once the request is verified and approved by your bank.

Procedures for customers registered in Malaysia,Singapore.:

Email us to ask for our bank transfer details (which account to transfer your funds to).

Our Live Support officer will verify your details and provide you with the necessary bank transfer account details (such as your member login ID and email address given by our customer service officer) and you will have to include it in your transfer form.

Funds will be deposited into your betting account once the request is verified and approved by your Bank.

Uwon77 is renowned for its efficiency in transaction speed and customer satisfaction. Our Objective is to provide the quality of online gambling experience to our client. Below is the list of banking details provided in Malaysia & Singapore.Uwon77 is your smart choice of online live casino & sports betting company.

Banking Method Min Limit Max Limit Processing Time
ATM/CDM 10.00 50,000.00 2 Minutes
Online Transfer 10.00 50,000.00 2 Minutes
Local Bank Transfer 10.00 50,000.00 2 Minutes
Quick Withdraw 50.00 50,000.00 5 Minutes
Local Bank Transfer 20,000.00 30,000.00 1 Day
Friendly reminder:
  • All deposit and withdrawal processing time are subject to online banking availability.
  • Withdrawal are only to be paid to individual bank account with the same REGISTERED name.
  • Third party deposit will not be accepted.
  • All members are allow to withdraw SIX time per day.
  • All Maximum transaction amount are based on per transaction.
  • Please be inform that large withdrawal amount might take longer processing time.
  • We support other Local Banks as well so if you have any special request please speak to our Customer Service.
  • Other Local Banks withdrawals will be charged.
  • All deposit has the right to do verification process to proof of payment.
  • Please refer to Company's Terms and Condition for more details.